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A Family Affair

We have a huge family. And we'd like to consider you a part of it.

Meet Nancy. Mother.
Wife. Explorer. Glue.

She holds all of us at Yala together. Whether working and living here in Ashland, Oregon, or creating and supporting in one of our sustainable factories in China, Nancy will know your name and care deeply about your latest adventure. They were her hands that carefully stitched together our very first product: the DreamSack®, so it’s appropriate that she continues to be the thread that draws all of us, worldwide, together. Nancy is a true nurturer.

Nancy loving the sunny outdoors on location at a photo shoot in southern Oregon.

Meet Chelsea. Daughter.
Entrepreneur. Global citizen. Muse.

Chelsea and the business grew up together. Literally. Having been raised in China and being a true global trekker, she’s comfortable on any continent. She’s deeply passionate about the social aspects of running a global business and constantly seeks ways to improve the sustainability of the factories and cares deeply about the sustainable happiness of those working in them. Chelsea knows how to dream big. Many of her best ideas are probably hanging in your closet. And hers.

Chelsea exploring the rugged beauty of the Wallowa Mountains, Oregon.

Meet Larry. Husband.
Mountain biker. Mr. Nuts and Bolts.

There’s a joke in the family that Larry is the “brake” to Nancy’s “gas.” That pretty much sums it all up. Larry provides thoughtful, practical support to almost every area of the business. He’s a numbers guy. He’s a behind the scenes doer. And he offers up a healthy dose of left-brained balance to the beautiful right-brained ideas that are dreamed up almost every day from the rest of the family. He’s a keeper.

Larry pursuing his passion for bikes and the outdoors in eastern Oregon.