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Free Soul

Yala is inspired by women who strive to improve their lives and make our communities and the world a better place for all.

Free Soul Collection

Yala has partnered with Nest, a U.S. based nonprofit that assists female artisans around the world to create successful small businesses through education and training. Nest instills pride of ownership, preserves ancient artistic traditions and successfully moves women from poverty to self-sufficiency.

Inspired, we visited a Nest sponsored workshop in Kolkata, India. Once there, we knew we wanted to help bring their beautiful crafts to a wider market.

Destiny Scarves:
Handmade by Indian women formerly trafficked in the sex trade. With few marketable skills, these women have a huge challenge in finding a new way to support themselves.  With the help of Nest, these women now support themselves as traditional block print artisans and have changed the course of their lives. We salute their bravery and commitment and admire the vibrancy of their fresh and colorful scarf designs.

Jewelry from nomadic gypsies:
These Indian women spend a good part of the year traveling away from their children to sell handmade traditional jewelry at religious festivals. By supporting their craft, we help them spend more time at home with their families.  A portion of the sales is used to build a school for their children. Enjoy the peace and reassurance these beads provide.
By purchasing these products, you provide income and stability to these women, their families, and their communities.

Not just fair trade, empowering trade.

Working mother

Block Printing

Bead work