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The Yala Team
This evening I received a package from UPS with the Yala label on it.  I was wondering what the heck it could be as I hadn't heard of your company before.  Well, I opened it up and found a beautiful nightie that my husband had surprised me with.  I LOVE this is SO SOFT and SO COMFORTABLE!  I'm not sure how he found you, but you can rest assured I'll be perusing your website often.  I don't know if I'm more excited with your nightgown or with your website!  And, the handwritten note from your staff thanking my husband for his purchase was a great touch....very warm and hands-on.  Keep up the great work and I look forward to my husband surprising me with more of your great clothes!!  ;)
- Ann-Marie, MA

 It is the softest piece of clothing I have ever worn, right down to the lace trim and adjustable straps. This comfortable and flowing nightgown is perfect for special evenings or just for every night wear. It is truly the first time I have felt both comfortable and sexy at the same time!   - Kidsumers

 To whomever thought these wonderful, silk sacks up ----THANK YOU!  Your DreamSack has been almost all the way around the world with me. California, through Central America and esp. Honduras after the devastating Hurricane Mitch, when NOTHING was clean, dry or a place one would lay their head.  Your  Sacks  have also camped out with my daughter in Calif. and Oregon (in probably some sketchy places).  My son has taken your ‘DreamSack  to Australia, China, Thailand, Nepal, Ethiopia, Paraguay, Bulgaria and other places in the U.S. Even been along the Lewis and Clark Trail!  Such a wonderful thing.  Thank you!
-Anne T

Just wanted you to know that I LOVE my new Bamboo Sheets!!! Thanks so much!  
- Anne McAlpin.

With a mission geared towards the use of natural fabrics, like bamboo and silk, and a simple and clean approach to design for life and travel, Yala is on the path to provide people with solutions that are good for the conscious and made to last.
- Valley Scene Review

It is nice to do business with an honest company.  I'm originally from Oregon also so I should have guessed.
-Lisa C  

Yala makes beautiful garments for life’s journey. Yala apparel, home goods, and travel accessories are designed to provide effortless style, timeless design and unsurpassed quality. Each piece can be worn through the years, and across the globe.
- NBC Philadelphia

 Thank you for your superb and friendly customer service which I so appreciate, as well as your quality eco friendly products. Thank you.
- Carolyn M

I don’t think I could ever, ever go back to regular sheets again.  If Yala ever stopped making these sheets, I am not sure what I would do, which is why I always buy extras just in case.  The sheets keep me cool in the summertime and warm in the winter.  People are foolish to think that flannel sheets are better in the wintertime.  That’s not true.  They can overheat your body and then you sweat and feel colder.  Silk sheets are the ticket.  I’ve tried others, but Yala’s are the best silk sheets.  In fact, I believe the silk sheets you sell, are a best kept secret that everyone needs to know about.  You have to feel it to believe it.
- G Perez

Oeko-Tex certified and dyed with low-impact dyes, the Bamboo Dreams® line for women is indeed ethereal. One of our very favorite pieces is the gorgeously flirtatious Zoe Gathered Top in the warm and appetite-whetting Truffle, which is so soft you’ll swear it was made from clouds—appropriate for a Dream collection.
- Ecofabulous

Thanks to your excellent customer service, I am a dedicated dreamsacks customer!
- Nina M

Just want to know that a company cares - about their products, about the environment, about their customers. I want to know that they love what they do and are passionate about sharing that with the world. On top of that, I want their products to be well-made, high quality, and ones that I'm going to look at every day and be happy that they're in my home. Is that all too much to ask? For a lot of sites, yes. But for Yala Designs, that's exactly what you'll find in their stylish, comfortable, and gorgeous bamboo apparel, bedding, and accessories.
- Thanks Mail Carrier

You are a model of a great company and I will recommend you to all my friends.
– Sandy M.

Your child will surely have a lovely experience all day and night in this very soft and wonderful tee. I would surely recommend this excellent product from Yala Designs to all parents of small babies and toddlers.
- Natural Mama

I want to acknowledge your attention to my orders regarding prompt shipping as well as inviting packaging.  I loved the Bella gathered wrap which is why I ordered another to wear with the scarves I ordered. I am impressed with the fine job your staff does and I'll remember you when I am ready to order more of your wonderfully soft and cozy products. Thank you!
- Rebecca G.

I just really wanted to thank you for all of the great customer service we get from your company. I know that we are just a small store/account compared to other customers of yours, but you always take care of us as if we were the most important and I wanted you to know it does not go unnoticed.
- Lori Hannum, Interior Designer and Buyer

So thanks again for providing such wonderful and personal customer service. I do appreciate it!  - Melissa C.

I thought I would just take the sleep mask out of the bag and not bother with the rest, but when I put the blanket on, holy awesome! That silk feels fabulous!
- Mom Most Traveled

Just last week I ordered some products from you after having lost track of you as Dreamsacks.  I was so happy to have found you again and ordered some silk pillowcases, gorgeous nightgown and a great striped top that I just love!  And in the package, much to my surprise and delight was a beautiful red scarf.  This is really special and I thank you so much.  You have a loyal customer - I have also bought your products at a local bed accessory store that is no longer open.  But according to your site, there are now a couple of stores locally I can go to.
- Elaine Beauregard

I love the simple design and delicious fabric of this garment.  This is one of those pieces you know will last wash after wash without pilling or shrinkage and can easily be handed down to another child.
- Mama Loves Her Bargains

Treat yourself to this versatile piece from Yala, in the yummiest fabric derived from bamboo (it's lushly soft and environmentally friendly, too!).
- New York Metro Parent

The season’s stripes have met their match in these timeless T-shirts and onesies by Yala Designs in a silky-soft, eco-friendly bamboo fabric and a multitude of hues.
- Los Angeles Times

Wraps are great for Spring and Summer and Yala Designs makes several Bamboo Dreams wraps that would be great for Mother's Day.  The Lucy Wrap is versatile, comes in different colors and is made from ultra soft sustainable bamboo rayon.  
- Eco Mama’s Guide to Living Green

Dear Yala Designs, this is just to let you know that yesterday I received my fabulous bamboo coverlet which I won in your Facebook contest. I was blown away by the top quality of the product, as well as by the fast shipment. I appreciate the time and effort you invested in this promotion, and I certainly cherish my prize. Thank you!!!
- Catalina Khalaj

Pure extravagance, there is a good reason why silk was the Cleopatra’s first choice. And now everyone can experience a heavenly comfort with the Silk Habotai Sheets by Yala Designs. Silk thread surpasses the highest cotton thread count; therefore this silk bedding will keep its users cool during short but very hot summer nights and warm during long cold winter nights in royal comfort. Best of all, these sheets are machine washable. And since wedding season is here, these sets make a great gift. Just do not forget to indulge yourself as well. You’ve earned it!
- Bedroom Décor Ideas

…she (your mother) deserves the finest. So treat her to gorgeous, luxurious silk sheets that are not slippery and will keep her comfortable in all weather.
- Traditional Home

Yala is the type of clothing that you’d want to wear if you were about to set off around the world on a wondrous adventure. Their clothing is comfortable and relaxed, yet still stylish so you don’t feel frumpy and ruffled as you transition from plane, train to automobile. I love it! They also have a wonderful baby and toddler line that is incredibly cute.
- Earth Diva Blog

Cozy is the understatement of the year when it comes to these pants.  They are unbelievably comfortable.  You’ll never want to take them off!  Luckily, they are so versatile you can wear them around the house, out running errands, to exercise class or to bed.  And you’ll look stylish doing it!
- Mommies with Cents

…we appreciate your great customer service and fantastic products.
- Heather

The dress arrived folded in a small bag and my first thought, as I opened it, was how unbelievable soft the material was. Bamboo feels somewhat like a cotton/silk blend, but softer! As I pulled the dress out of the bag, it magically unwrinkled and was ready to wear.
- An Island Life

Thanks so much. You and your company are always so accommodating and easy to work with.    -- Bobbie

Made out of 100% silk, the DreamSack® is a luxurious sleeping bag liner or extra layer of sheeting in the bed. I can imagine how comfortable this would be in our tent while we are camping every year in the mountains on the hard ground. It would even be perfect for those who like to have more covering in bed than their partner so you can be comfortable and nestled in your DreamSack®.
- Simply Stacie

Wow – now THAT’S what I call service – thanks again!
- Carol

I’ve never had a more comfy skirt! It feels like I’m wearing my favorite pair of sweat pants. I totally adore this skirt. I love that this skirt is very comfortable yet versatile.
- The Fashionable Gal

My very first impression of this dress is that it is seasonless.  My daughter is going to be able to wear this dress all spring, summer and fall.  The color and style can be dressed up or down for any occasion.  The quality alone lets me know that she will outgrow the dress before it will wear out.
- My Springfield Mommy

Honestly, I like everything about this scarf from the texture to the color to the length to the material to the fact that it makes me smile.
- I’m Lucy and I Like It

 The BambooDreams collection, which includes sheet sets, crib sheets, pillowcase sets, towels, and more, proves you don’t have to sacrifice style for sustainable bedding.
- Chesapeake Home

This beautiful long sleeved bamboo dress is made with high quality bamboo and is perfectly manufactured, I know that this dress is going to last well after she outgrows it! Princess Dot is so comfortable in her dress. She can move freely and because it's made of bamboo she doesn't get too hot or too cold while wearing it. She has pretty sensitive skin so the silky smoothness of this dress is absolutely perfect for her!
- My Silly Monkeys

This dress fits just perfectly- it clings softly to my body with no gaping like so many similar cut dresses.  Again the color is striking and this dress is the most comfortable dress I have ever owned.   It is perfect to take on vacation, it practically folds up into nothing and is very light.
- Mommy PR

I wish there were a way to convey touch through the computer, because to say this fabric is soft is an understatement. I can only imagine how great this would be to sleep in. It’s a thin fabric which seems like it will be especially nice once the summer heat hits, but it would also layer really well with other pieces.
- Frugal Novice

Enter the Greta -- a super-soft bamboo dress from Yala that’s not only figure-friendly and comfy to sport during pregnancy, but also transitions perfectly into that iffy postbaby phase where you’re no longer wearing maternity clothes but still can’t squeeze back into those skinny jeans.
- Yahoo! Shine

 DreamSack introduced its silk noile product in 2002, and has seen sales jump 30% to 40% each year since. […] When rolled up in its carrying case, the DreamSack blanket is the size of a folded mini-umbrella.  One panelist said of the included silk eye mask,  my eyes feel like I’m in business class even though the rest of me is in a really crummy seat.   The silk noile blanket was thin but surprisingly warm, with a convenient foot pocket that keeps it from riding up.  It’s also hand-washable – you can clean it in the hotel sink with the free shampoo.  That added convenience puts it over the top as our Best Value.
- The Wall Street Journal

It’s sweet dreams for adventure enthusiasts with the DreamSack, a silk sleep sack that speaks of indulgence.             
- The New York Times

The DreamSack is a perfect solution for future adventures.            
- Fitness

Pack Lite for Europe - Here’s what you will need for a month:  Lightweight and washable, the DreamSack silk sleeping sack dries in minutes.    
- Shape

For campers in the South, a sleeping bag is often too much cover for our warm nights.  Climb into the DreamSack, a 100% sack of silk...        
- Southern Living Magazine