We celebrate simple dressing by providing the power of stylish, easy-to-wear comfort every day. We understand that confidence is wrapped up in feeling and looking good and that the perfect tee or the right pair of pants can have a huge impact

We offer timeless designs created for women, by women, to bring you comfortable style so you can go further. Because we understand that your clothes should support you in the big moments and the small, and that the smallest moments of each day are often the biggest. No matter where life takes you, wear your passions and experience the confidence of comfort.

Simple isn't easy. It takes effort to look effortless. From the surprisingly soft feel of the fabric to the style and fit of the garment, our designers focus on the details so that each piece is perfect. Our flattering styles always fit with no fuss. We don't stop until it's easy to wear, easy on the earth, and simply stunning.

It feels good to do good, so responsibility is at the core of everything we do. We are passionate about quality. We understand that apparel that lasts means a smaller footprint on the planet. Our commitment to responsibility lives in the materials we choose, the ethical partners we work with, our employee benefits, community involvement and so much more. All of this is to satisfy our responsibility to you. Take comfort in how our clothes feel, look and are made.

Yala was founded on a simple idea: if you are comfortable you can go further. Our original product was inspired when traveling abroad and designed to make help make it easier to experience the world. The silky soft DreamSack® put us on the map by providing comfort and confidence while traveling.

Today, our goal remains the same, to help women experience the confidence that comes from comfort. Too often women's apparel is restrictive, pinches, and needs adjusting throughout the day. Yala is dedicated to bringing you simply beautiful, timeless style in sustainable, soft fabrics and designing silhouettes that will never get in your way. Always soft, always easy, always comfortable.
Go further.

The Confidence of Comfort

our vision is a world where women accept themselves and each other, feel comfortable in the decisions they make, the aspirations they strive for, and all the paths they take. Embrace your strengths, wear your passions, and enjoy the confidence of comfort.

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