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We are comfort makers, travelers, writers, artists, musicians, do-gooders, gardners, yoginis, hikers, and eco-promoters. We believe we are stronger together. We are always striving to do more, find better ways, and make what we want to see in the world. Welcome to our family. Welcome to Yala.


    Kathrin Platt Gonsalves

    President / Chief Comfort Officer

    Explorer, Traveler, Mom, Wife, Business Owner

    Find her snowboarding in the winter, hiking in the spring, berry picking in the summer, splashing in puddles in the fall.

    Comfort is family, friends, and a lot of laughter.

    Favorite YALA Product: The Rory Pant – A tee shirt and jeans kind of girl, these have jean worthy looks with pajama worthy feel.

    Favorite Trip: Safari in Tanzania, Africa

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    Tif Zohara

    Manager of Design / Comfort Creator

    Mom, Adventurer, Artist, Friend, Optimystical Human

    Find her reading, cooking with family and friends, playing guitar, and exploring the world.

    Comfort is when you feel amazing inside and out.

    Favorite YALA Product: Audrey Pant – they are flirty and fun, but you can wear them all day and never feel uncomfortable, pinched, or squeezed.

    Favorite Trip: Shanghai, China

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    Caitlin Falzone

    Marketing Manager / Comfort Communicator

    Writer, Photographer, Wife, Parent

    Find her with a great book, under a silk blanket, with her dog (in a cat’s body) at her feet.

    Comfort is to see oneself fully without judgment.

    Favorite YALA Product: The Silk Filled Comforter- This is so comfortable it defies description, and she has never slept so well.

    Favorite Trip: Thailand

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    Carolyn Cuozzo

    Wholesale Sales Manager / Comfort Agent

    Food and Drink Enthusiast, Traveler, Music Lover

    Find her eating...all the time.

    Comfort is knowing who you are, what you have to offer, and how you can share your best self with others.

    Favorite YALA Product: YALA’s bedding- A life changing experience, there has never been a better night’s sleep.

    Favorite Trip: Greece

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    Matt Bishop

    Customer Service Representative / Customer Comfort & Care

    Musician, Dog Parent, Amateur Film Critic, Baseball Nerd

    Find him binge watching the Simpsons with his dog (June Bug), while eating vegan junk food.

    Comfort is feeling like the most authentic version of you.

    Favorite YALA Product: Luxe Sheets –A night owl his entire life until he put these on the bed. Now he finds any excuse for naps and an early bedtime.

    Favorite Trip: Paris, France

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    Cherie Cummings

    Wholesale Sales Representative / Comfort Specialist

    Author, Adventurer, Gamer

    Find her with her husband gaming in the world of Elder Scrolls.

    Comfort is trying something new and embarking on another adventure.

    Favorite YALA Product: The Cybill wrap is comfortable and chic no matter what it is paired with.

    Favorite Trip: Italy

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    Paula Hoemann

    Controller / Financial Comfort Provider

    Philosopher, Traveler, Bibliophile

    Find her curled up by the fire with a book, traveling somewhere new, or pondering life with a glass of wine on the deck with a good friend (that is when she is not playing with numbers).

    Comfort is confidence.

    Favorite YALA Product: The Ryder Sweater-What’s not to love about clothes you can look great in at work, lounge in through the evening, and even sleep in comfortably?

    Favorite Trip: Portugal

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    Glen Cummings

    Warehouse Manager/ Comfort Organizer

    BBQ Master, Traveler, Gamer, Mr. Wonderful

    Find him enjoying long exhausting hikes at the wee hours of the morning with no sound but footsteps treading on the path, and the sound of Rusty (his dog) running off ahead in the shadows.

    Comfort is having room to stretch your wings and a place to lay your head.

    Favorite YALA Product: The Cybill Wrap – Wanting to be in on the ultimate in comfort clothing, Glen decided it was the perfect comfort piece for gaming on the couch (just don’t tell him we told you).

    Favorite Trip: Italy

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    Chief Greeter

    Find him anywhere Glen is...or eating the cat’s food at home.

    Comfort is sleeping, eating, and having his tummy rubbed.

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