• stage one

    the beginning


    The bamboo for BambooDreams is harvested from the Bamboo Forest Biosphere Reserve in China. The bamboo is certified organically grown by the USDA.

  • stage two

    bamboo pulp


    Next it travels to a nearby facility formerly used for paper-making. Here it is ground into a pulp & pressed into a paper-like material.

  • stage three

    bamboo cellulose


    The pulp is then processed into a fiberous material called cellulose.

  • stage four

    bamboo fiber


    The cellulose is then blended, stretched & compressed into bales of bamboo fluff.

  • stage five

    bamboo yarn


    The next step is the spinning factory where the fluff is spun and emerges as yarn. Our bamboo has recieved the Oeko-Tex 100 certification. No harmful substances are present in textiles & gaurantees the safety of our fabric.

  • stage six

    the final


    The yarn is sent to the weaving factory where it is woven into the fine bamboo fibers. Only Azo-free low impact dyes are used in our products.


the basic benefits

  • Soft texture contributed to the fine fibers that are produced by bamboo
  • Bamboo emits 35% more oxygen than the equivalent stand of trees
  • Bamboo is naturally antibacterial so no pesticides are needed in growth
  • Breathable fabric absorbs moisture and wicks it away from the body

The benefits of natural fibers

  • some of the softest fabric you'll ever touch used to be a grass

    In addition to being a panda's favorite fare, bamboo can be turned into fiber for some of the softest, most sumptuous fabric on Earth. That's why it's one of our most desirable materials for clothing and bedding. We use sustainably grown, certified organic bamboo and convert it into viscose fiber at our closed-loop sustainable factories in China. And we are all committed to creating as little waste as possible.

  • simple care

    We want Yala's bamboo-based products to be in your life for a long, long time. To care for them, simply machine wash using gentle soap and tumble dry on a low setting. Natural fibers will break down under the stress of a hot dryer, so be sure not to over dry. Soft. Clean. And ready for your next adventure.

  • there's more to silk than meets the eye

    One of the most beautiful natural fibers, silk, is amazingly strong, resilient and unique. It's thermodynamic so it's cool and soft against your skin, but can keep you warm on cold nights. While we can't promise you this, legend has it that a luxurious night's sleep on silk pillowcases reduces wrinkles. Not to mention bed-head. Soft. Elegant. And ready to whisk you off to your dreams.

  • take good care of silk and it will take good care of you

    Silk is a protein similar to the particles that make up your hair. With the right care, your Yala silk products will stay as soft and vibrant as the day they were new for many years to come. Over time, heat and chemicals will break down the fiber, so we recommend cleaning with a gentle, natural soap, machine wash and either air dry or tumble dry on low. Promptly remove from the dryer and promptly get them back on your bed. We know you don't want to be without them.

The silks

  • silk charmeuse


    Charmeuse silk has a shiny sheen and is very smooth. With its elegant feel and beautiful luster, it's not surprising that it's called the silk of the emperors. We use this silk for many of our pillowcases. You deserve it.

  • silk habotai


    Habotai silk is lightweight, luxurious and heavenly soft. Habotai means “soft as down” in Japanese. We use habotai for many of our sheet sets and comforters. The Yala® DreamSack is also made with this silk. Climb in and enjoy.

  • silk noil


    Noil silk is sometimes called raw silk. It has a more substantial weight and flannel-like texture. Because it is untreated, Noil silk is the ideal non-slip texture for our Airline Comfort Set – when the seat isn't terribly comfortable, at least your blanket is – and it stays put.