We are a Family first

a business second & adventurers always.
There are a few things we’ve learned
over the years: that an open mind
is just as good as a road map,
that life is better with a generous spirit
and that laughter is always in style.
Yala’s path is still unfolding;
we welcome you to join us.


To Yala is to wander this world with intention, a joyful step and an open heart.

Our founders were explorers – two English teachers living and working in China and raising a young daughter. They had a deep well of curiosity that kept them actively seeking to understand and to make friends in the world. So with open hearts and big smiles they journeyed to see and learn as much as they could. Traveling in every type of vehicle and sleeping in challenging accommodations, an idea came to them: a DreamSack for a clean, comfy, and nurturing night’s sleep.

To Yala is to delight in the right now and to embrace what’s next.

Those stitched together sheets became the first DreamSack®. Soon we added more sumptuous silk and cozy BambooDreams items, as well as our soft organic cotton. Now many years and many ideas and creations later, that same curiosity and care goes into everything we make at Yala. From classics that make sleeping more sumptuous to soft, nurturing layers that provide the simple elegance you crave.

How do you Yala?

Yala is an invitation to enjoy every moment of your life and to share beauty and comfort along the way. Here’s to chasing dreams, wherever they may take you.

  • bio-chelsea


    Daughter. Global citizen. Muse.

    Chelsea and the business grew up together. Literally. She’s deeply passionate about the social aspects of global business and ensured that Yala found partners who shared her commitment to sustainability. Chelsea knows how to dream big. Many of her best ideas are probably hanging in your closet. And hers.

  • Nancy


    Mother, Wife. Dreamer, Explorer

    They were her hands that carefully stitched together the very first product: the DreamSack®, and her perseverance transformed Dreamsacks® into Yala®. Nancy is a true nurturer and adventurer. We hold her founding beliefs as guiding principles in the work we do each day. We are always evolving, learning, and looking for a better way.

  • Larry


    Husband. Mountain biker. Mr. Nuts and Bolts.

    There’s a joke in the family that Larry is the “brake” to Nancy’s “gas.” That pretty much sums it all up. Larry provided thoughtful, practical support to almost every area of the business. He’s a numbers guy and brought a healthy dose of left-brained balance to the beautiful right-brained ideas that enabled Yala® to grow and flourish.